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"DoodleWar" has been selected as a FINALIST in the Disruptive Design category for the 2011 MAX Awards!!!
And also, we are awarded an Honorable Mention in the Entertainment Category.(2011.10.6)

INQUIRY for Doodle War

About "DoodleWar"


In November 2010, Coconoe Inc.(web production company in Japan) produced the game "THE GEKITSUIOH GAME - Doodle War".
It's the game that the illustration drawn on the card starts fighting in virtual world.

About us

The illustration on the card is transferred into the monitor and fights autonomously. This is achieved by combining Adobe AIR 2.0 and OpenCV applications.

Varieties of cards are infinity!!

You can draw any illustrations!
Enjoy infinity card battle using your own RARE card!
The winner of battle can be registered the name and the image in the ranking and Twitter.


It's very simple! ONLY 4 STEPS for playing Doodle War.

The player draws their own combat plane illustration in permanent ink on the paper, purpose-built card.
When the illustrated card is placed on the screen, the read begins automatically.
After a few seconds the read is complete. Remove the card from the monitor and the illustration will go into action on the screen.
When the maximum number of participants is reached, the game begins. The illustration will start to fight with other participants.

Your fighters performance will be determined by the illustration!!

The combat plane's performance, weapon type and the like will be determined by the illustration's shape, color and size, etc...
Draw many illustrations and aim to be the strongest "Shoot Down King".

Sometimes, you may get the rare skill "MEGA LASER"or"BARRIER".


When the Doodle War will be exhibited, we will notify in here.

If you have questions about the exhibition or the event, Please contact us.


「dotFes2010@3331 Arts Chiyoda」

We developed the "DoodleWar" that is a game to enjoy for everyone, and we showed that in the interactive contents exhibition in Japan - "dotFes @3331 arts chiyoda".
More 400 cards were scanned in this day.

「dotFes2010 Archive Exhibition in KYOTO」

  • Date:2010/11/21 - 12/27
  • Place:kara-S (KYOTO)

We exhibited the "Doodle War" in Kyoto for one month.
To withstand long-term exhibition, we improve the quality of scanning and some programs.
More 9,000 cards were scanned in that month.

「FITC Toronto 2011」

We were chosen finalists of "Technical Excellence in Flash" and "Experimental Flash" in FITC Awards 2011 ( Finally we got a winner of "Experimental Flash" ).
We wished that foreign people play Doodle War, so we developed "Doodle War Lite" to transport Doodle War from Japan.
And we exhibited that in FITC Toronto 2011.

「CyberAgent, Inc. - Internal Seminar」

We exhibited the "Doodle War" in internal seminar at Cyber Agent Inc.
In this version we added the function that the name and image of winner are tweeted from our Twitter account (@gekitsuioh).



If you are interested in DoodleWar.Please contact us!!

If you want to play or exhibit the Doodle War. Please contact us.
And we can develop special version of Doodle War, or other interaction contents using this scanning system.
If you are interested in these things. Please contact us!!

About Doodle War LITE (for short Exhibition)

In the exhibition of overseas, we use the "Doodle War LITE" system, because the cost of transportation of "Full System of Doodle War" is too expensive.

  • Please be ready a LCD display on site.

    (We will send documents that spec of LCD Monitor and some notices.)

  • It is necessary to send our staff from Japan for transportation and setting of Doodle War. So it is difficult to exhibit more than one week.
Full System of Doodle War
It is necessary to transport the wood frames and LCD display, the cost of this is too expensive.
Doodle War LITE
We may transport just only camera, tripod and laptop PC as luggage. In case of FITC Toronto, we have exhibited using this system.


Where can I play the Doodle War?

I'm sorry, the Doodle War is not a permanent exhibition.
When it is decided to exhibited, we will notify in this website and Twitter.
And If you want to exhibit the Doodle War. Please contact us.

What kind of technology is it used in "Doodle War"?

We use the Adobe AIR for visual interface and motions,and the OpenCV for processes of image detection.


Coconoe Inc, is a web production in Japan.

In addition to develop web site, we are developing interaction contents like "Doodle War"seal.

If you want to know the detail of our works, please see our website(Japanese) or contact us.

Go to corporate site(JAPANESE)



Company name
Coconoe Inc.
1613-5 Shinbou Minami-ku Okayama City Okayama Pref 700-0945, JAPAN
+81 86 243 6614
+81 86 243 6714
Yoshihiro So
Developing and plannning website / Developing instaration / illustration / animation / print / Developing Adobe AIR application